• Transference, Autzen Gallery, PSU, March 3 - April 8, 2016

    For over 20 years, master printer Mark Mahaffey, recognized for his technical proficiencies, has been collaborating with artists in his print workshop, Mahaffey Fine Art in Portland, Oregon.Mahaffey, realizing that sometimes the techniques and equipment associated with printmaking
    make the processes baffling to artists, choose to initiate an atypical project to be exhibited in conjunction with the symposium.

    Eight artists, loosely associated by their use of pattern, were invited into the print workshop and shown a brief demonstration on the direct and versatile process of watercolor monotype. Provided by the studio were various materials and prepared mylars for each artist to try out. Proofs of these tests were pulled, and different possibilities discussed on how one might adapt and modify the process.

    The artists left the studio with two additional mylars to mess around
    with in their own studios, using their own materials, and at their own pace. They were encouraged to experiment, to be in contact with the print studio if they had any questions, and to eventually schedule time in the studio when they wanted to see their work transferred to paper.

    The artists, who are self-identified under the moniker Northwest Patternists, all use pattern in their work, though their approaches differ significantly. None of them are specifically printmakers, though some of them have more background in printmaking than others. By proposing they use such a basic and versatile process, Mahaffey's aim was to initiate an exploration of content over process and see how these artists might expand upon the basic concept of image transference from matrix to paper. “Transference” is an exhibition that showcases their investigations.

  • Art in America Review

    Art in America Review

    Written by Sue Taylor and in the November Issue